Sopra Steria – New Visa Application Centres in UK

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Sopra Steria – New Visa Application Centres in UK

Sopra Steria - New Visa Application Centres in UK

Sopra Steria - New Visa Application Centres in UK

Sopra Steria, the corporate partner of The Home Office, began to provide in person visa appointments within the UK for work and study visas, as well as settlement and citizenship applications, in Manchester on 9 November 2018.

Sopra Steria, there will be 6 core service centres offering free appointments, 50 enhanced service centres offering charged appointments, and 1 premium lounge.

The vast majority of the new visa application centres will be situated in local libraries. These centres will enable applicants to submit their biometric data (photographs, fingerprints and signatures) as well as lodging their supporting documentation with the Home Office in one visit.

As the continuation of modernising the immigration application process, The Home Office also introduced its new UK Visa and Citizenship Application Service (UKVCAS) with Sopra Steria on 2 November 2018.

Sopra Steria – The new process

The new process allows the applicants to self-upload digital copies of the supporting documents for their application via Sopra Steria’s website.

Once they have uploaded digital copies of their documents including their passport, they can attend a biometrics appointment at one of the new “Core Centres” or “Enhanced Service Points” and then just wait for their application to be processed.

Applicants who can’t or don’t want to self-upload their supporting documents will be able to take their original hard copy documents to their “Core Centre” or “Enhanced Service Point” appointment to have them scanned and then bring their documents home with them.

A key benefit of the new system is that applicants won’t have to send off their original documents including their passport and so won’t run the risk of their documents being misplaced by the Home Office or lost in the postal system.

The new service will definitely facilitate the process, enabling the visa applications to be transferred more quickly and efficiently for people in the UK, through increasing the use of digital services.

If you have any concern or require any assistance with the new digitisation process at Sopra Steria, please do not hesitate to contact our specialised visa and immigration application team.

If you wish, you can contact and take all the steps in this new system together with our team specialised in visa applications and immigration law.





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